"Jonathon Deering's 'Final Reflection' score is just amazing... such heart in his music."
                       - The New Current,

"a 91-minute assault of sound and image... Prepare to be wowed."

- Rolling Stone Magazine review of Blue Story

Jonathon Deering is the youngest composer ever used by Paramount Pictures in their 109 year history (for the BAFTA Shortlisted 'Blue Story'). Award winning and based in London, he specialises in music for Film, Trailers, TV and Theatre.

"I started out as an actor, training at The BRIT School and later Rose Bruford, I realised my love for music in films was bigger than my love for the acting in them. I was always obsessed with sounds when I was young. Influenced by an array of differing styles. I always wanted to combine my love for screen with my love for music, my love for classical music with my love for contemporary music. This initially began with a lot of recording experiments and early compositions, and substantiated in 2011 when I got my first composition for film job. 

Ever since, I have gone on to work on Emmy Nominated and BAFTA shortlisted films, collaborate with new writers, award winning directors/producers on films starring the likes of Steve Coogan, Joivan Wade, Danny Dyer & BAFTA Rising Star winning Micheal Ward and compose the music to trailers with the likes of Steven Spielberg at the helm. 

"I am completely indebted to him. The score is by far the best part of this film."

                       - Rob Edward- Director & Writer of 'Living Together'

"This guy is a musical genius. The energy his music gives me is unreal."

- Simon Stolland- Blue Story, Shiro's Story

"Honestly, Jonathon Deering is the most talented guy around... used him many times."

- Lewis Spearing- X-Factor, Britains Got Talent

"Powerfully moving, the end music really pulls the heartstrings."

- Damian Jones (about the score for 'Blue Story')- The Iron Lady, Goodbye Christopher Robin, Kidulthood, The Lady in the Van

"I was lucky enough to have composer extraordinaire Jonathon Deering write us an incredible theme that complimented the visual elements perfectly."

- Eric Kleifield- Director, Writer

"We'd say the best thing about it all was the music... The score was so well-received. We had everyone from the theatre technicians to the audience singing the themes."

                       - Northern Rascals production of 'The Mesmerist' 

"Always, always an incredible job."

                       - Billy Rowlinson- Dunkirk, My Cousin Rachel,